Cooking with Oils on the Grill

Despite a relatively mild winter, everyone is always energized when the cold ends and the warmth is imminent.  With warm weather comes the innate yearning to get outside and unveil the grill.

That being said, we are always excited when we can share some ideas for cooking with oils that turn our grilling entrees into more exciting outcomes!

A  few reminders that do make a difference when cooking outside with Olive or Balsamic Oils.


#1  Take the meat out early enough to get it to room temperature.  It will cook more evenly.

#2.  Allow plenty of time to pre-heat the grill.  It is ready when you can’t hold your hands over the grill any longer than 2-3 seconds.

#3.  Don’t turn the meat until it comes up easily.  If it sticks, it’s not ready.  Let it develop an nice sear.   But remember, under-done is easier to fix then over-done.

#4.  Take it off and let it rest for a few minutes to finish cooking and hold the juices in.

Roast chicken with honey

For a DELISH piece of beef for the grill:  Skirt steaks are awesome for this recipe, but any beef cut will do.  If necessary, use a jacaard (meat tenderizer), then liberally salt and pepper.  Rub Milanese Gremolata olive oil and then drizzle with our Espresso balsamic.  I also rubbed some ground coffee in to the meat. Put in Ziploc bag and toss it around to cover with ingredients evenly.  Refrigerate at least 6 hours (overnight or two is even better). Grill and enjoy.

For fantastic grilled veggies, try marinating in an olive oil (Tuscan, Milanese Gremolata, or Cilantro and Roasted Onion), sprinkle with S&P, then grill until you see nice grill marks.  Fresh corn on the cob is amazing brushed with our Herb de Provence olive.  No butter or salt needed.

Brush fruits such as pineapple (Lime oil and coconut balsamic) or peaches (Milanese Gremolata oil and maple balsamic) and toss on the grill.  Grill until you gets the grill marks also.

Salmon is wonderful brushed with Garlic oil and Vermont Maple balsamic, or Tuscan oil and 18 year old Traditional dark balsamic.  Shrimp is fun marinated in our Garlic/Maple combo with Gateway to the North blended seasoning. then skewered with red peppers, pineapple and onions.

Remember, there are no set rules in the kitchen.  Be creative and try different combos.  The outcome when cooking with oils on the grill should be nothing short of awesome!