Cooking with Olive Oils

Ideas for Cooking with Olive Oils

Cooking with Olive Oils doesn’t require special ways or secrets to making great tasting food. Here are a few ideas to consider when using imported olive oils when cooking – try substituting a flavored olive oil such as Olive & Vinnie’s Lemon or Wild Mushroom and Sage in your scrambled egg skillet or drizzled over mashed potatoes.  The Blood Orange Olive Oil is wonderful on warm peanut butter toast or in chocolate brownies.  We love the Persian Lime oil on white rice and peas!  Brush salmon or any fish with a Sicilian Lemon Balsamic and Milanese Gremolata oil.   The possibilities are endless and the results are not only palate pleasing, but they also inject huge health benefits when cooking with olive oils.

Explore different amounts and don’t hesitate to try different flavors on meats and vegetables that you typically eat and want a change of flavor. Many of our customers enjoy cooking with our imported oils because of the freshness and better taste than some of the domestic oils that have been on the shelves too long. Look for imported olive oils for cooking in our recipes section or on our products pages.

Imported Olive Oils

Always remember to purchase your olive oils and balsamics from reputable stores that value the quality of the products rather than quantity.  The imported olive oils should always be first press and cold pressed and preferably from an importer that utilizes cooking oils from both hemispheres to insure freshness.  Appreciate the shopkeepers that offer you personal service and are passionate about their products.

There are really no set “rules” when it comes to the wonderful world of cooking with olive oils (and balsamics for that matter).  What we tell our customers is to look WAY outside of the box from the traditional thinking of using them just for salads and sautéing.  Leave the cooking oil products close at hand, not nestled away in a pantry…out of sight, out of mind.

Balsamic Cooking Oils