Customer Testimonials

“Olive ‘n Vinnie’s has become a favorite spot of mine.  I go there to learn how to take the foods I currently cook and by adding their wonderful products make them in new and exciting ways!

The owners are friendly and always offering ideas to enhance the flavors of the foods I like.  By adding their wonderful olive oils and balsamics, I have created new flavors in my everyday menu.”

– Kathy Snodell


“My wife and I have been long time customers of Olive ‘n Vinnie’s Market, since day one, actually!  Their selection of over 65 olive oils and balsamics is the BEST!  We happen to be on a mission to try all of them.

They also have a vast selection of many other items such as pastas, rubs, spices, teas, BBQ sauces and so much more. The possibilities grow with every visit.  Karen is so helpful in every way and knows all of the products and how they all work together.  It’s always an adventure when we visit their beautiful store.”

– Mark Ziarkowski


“Beyond my expectations.  I have been wanting to check this place out for sometime, so the Groupon was a great reason to hop in my car from Naperville .  Karen and Gary are the owners and are very nice.  Karen spent 20 minutes with us explaining each oil and vinegar with tips and suggestions.  I bet she could recite 10 recipes for each off the top of her head.  They were both incredibly knowledgeable and are clearly passion driven.

There were truly so many delicious options.  I must have tried every oil and vinegar they had in the store.

The worst part was having to decide what to buy.  After checking out, we stayed for a minutes to chat some more and learned about an event that we are coming back for next month.  An evening of good cheer, food, oils, vinegars and recipes.  We will be at that event and we will be back!

My favorite was the Espresso balsamic…YUM!!  But tonight we are opening the strawberry balsamic for our spinach salad…YUM!   Thanks Olive ‘n Vinnie’s, we had a great visit!”

– Christian M

A RESPONSE FROM A CUSTOMER AFTER WE INQUIRED TO MAKE SURE HER ORDER WAS SATISFACTORY:  “Yes, I did receive it and thank you for the small vinegar bottle gift that was included.  Between the extremely fast delivery (I didn’t even expect it until sometime next week), and the gift, that was exceptional customer services, one more happy/satisfied customer”.  Julie L.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin