Choosing the right olive oil when they all look the same and the label is the only available information can leave most people at a disadvantage. It is difficult to compare  unless you have the opportunity to open several containers of olive oil at the same time, not something a consumer usually does. At Olive ‘n Vinnie’s Market, the opportunity now exists to taste a wide-range of the freshest extra virgin, fused and infused olive oils imported from around the world. We also offer more than 20 flavors for your tasting of delicious aged balsamics imported from Modena, Italy. So you can truly try before you buy!

Over the last few years we have tasted and continue to taste on a daily basis, the best oils that we can find are from Chile, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, California, Cypress, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Syria and Tunisia. We celebrate the diversity and difference in olive oil styles.
The dominant suppliers in Spain are the Picual, Hojiblanca, and Arbequina. Italy has the Coratina, Tunisia the Chemlali, Greece the Koroneiki, and Turkey favors the Ayvalik. Look for olive oils by variety as well as region and country. The number of high quality olive oils available from small regional mills are increasing daily as more consumers and producers wake up to the possibilities that exist in food preparation and cooking.

Each producing country has a dominant variety or cultivar historically suited to its region and is representative of the general “style” of the country. These styles are often closely contested from region to region within a country. There is no substitute for individual experience. Try as many extra virgin olive oils as you can. They represent extraordinary examples of unique quality and value impossible to duplicate in the traditional supermarket brands.

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