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The many healthy benefits of making olive oil a part your diet are quite impressive. Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a fundamental part of the popular Mediterranean diet, which is nutritional cornerstone for many cultures around the world. Derived from the fruits of olive trees, EVOO DuPage County naturally contains high amounts of beneficial fatty acids.

EVOO DuPage County

-Offers anti-inflammatory benefits. Oleocanthal is a particular phenolic compound which is in EVOO DuPage County. It provides a specific flavor in quality olive oils. The phenols in olive oil possess anti-inflammatory qualities, which can offer effects similar to fever reducers or painkillers. Also, it can help to prevent onset of Alzheimer’s disease and even help fight cancer cells.

-Boosts skin and hair health. Just 1 tablespoon of EVOO contains about two milligrams of vitamin E, which is an anti-oxidant that is fat-soluble. It helps protect your body against skin and eye problems. In addition, it’s been shown to help protect against diseases such as lung cancer.

-Protection against risk of diabetes. Research indicates that a diet containing sufficient amounts of saturated fats, olive oil, carbs and soluble fiber from fruits, grains and veggies is an effective strategy for people with diabetes. It helps to limit “bad” lower density lipoproteins, improves control of blood sugar control and strengthens insulin sensitivities.

-Manages resistance to insulin. EVOO DuPage County contains good amounts of vitamin K. It’s another type of fat soluble vitamin which has a healthy effect on the blood. It’s necessary for maintaining healthy coagulation as well as balanced levels of essential calcium in the blood. Only a single tablespoon of quality olive oil per day can fulfill ten percent of the recommended daily consumption of Vitamin K.