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Olive oil has long been a major part of Mediterranean diets and cultures, dating way back to the ancient Romans and Greeks. It is still among the most widely used cooking oils in those regions to this very day. Nutrition and diet experts, in fact, view the Mediterranean basin is the home to many of the healthiest populations largely because their standard diet is so rich in healthy fats contained in Olive Oil Downers Grove IL, fish and nuts.

Olive Oil Downers Grove IL

In comparison to other varieties of oils commonly used for cooking, olive oil has the distinct potential to provide a 1-2 punch to degenerative and chronic illnesses from the powerful polyphenol compounds that are found within extra virgin olive oil. As a consequence, consuming olive oil is associated with a wide range of health benefits such as better cholesterol levels and stronger bones to better, more consistent moods.

Olive Oil Downers Grove IL may help to reduce the risks of some cancers. Although no particular food is a definitive way to prevent cancer, consuming olive oil might be a reason that cancer rates often trend lower within Mediterranean countries. Recent studies indicate that that consumption of extra virgin olive oil helps cause changes in intestinal bacteria that’s associated with preventing colorectal cancer. Research also has suggested that women who make olive oil a regular part of their diet tend to experience lower risks of breast and colon cancer. Oleic acid and oleocanthal are among some of the components in olive oil that have cancer-fighting properties.

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