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Black Truffle Sea Salt


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We ALWAYS have to keep an extra stash of this hidden behind the counter, lest we run out.  A pungent, affordable, delicious addition to our finishing salts. I do not care for truffle oils, but I LOVE this! French fries, beef tenderloin, asparagus, or vanilla ice cream…you name it. Take fresh asparagus spears, wrap with prosciutto, drizzle with our Butter olive oil, shaker Parmesan cheese and sprinkle with this salt. Bake at 350 until meat is slightly crispy. Serve warm or cold. Killer appetizer. You can make potato wedges with the Butter oil and BTSS or on beef before you grill. Make SURE to buy our BUTTER olive oil. It is so good with this.

See my comments about this sea salt on the white truffle site.  A MUST for truffle lovers!!