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Smokey Chipotle Olive Oil


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The smokey flavor of slowly roasted chipotle peppers is great for marinating steaks or brushing on grilled chicken and seafood. Drizzle over grilled veggies, or pizza for a kick. It is excellent for dipping breads, finishing soups, pasta or grain dishes. A great base for salad dressing and marinades. Pop your kernels is this one. A must in Spanish, Cuban and Mexican dishes. Fun paired with our Fig, Pineapple, Oregano, Traditional and Sicilian Lemon balsamics.

I love using this on a steak with our Espresso balsamic, our Milwaukee Avenue blended spice and then marinating overnight.  The spice is not on our website yet, but we carry it in our store.  Just call and we will add it to your order.

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-375 ml, -750 ml, '-200 ml